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Introduce of Exhibition
Flower, tree, pearl, tear, wind, bird and love...


Those are most favorite words of Designer Oh, and she adopted and reinterpreted those images on her works of art.

Her works are characterized throughout by 100% extraordinary hand made and antique style from overseas items.

"A gift to my special person for the special day...".

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Dear Reina

 CEO: Oh yulgyeong ㅣ Business License:666-81-01429ㅣ Communication Sales Business Report: 2020-세종조치원-0128 
Address: 12, Undang 1-gil, Sojeong-myeon, Sejong-siSeoul, Korea CS: +82 (0)2-6212-0036(AM10 - PM5, Lunch PM1 - PM2, Thursday and Holiday Off) 

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